Caballos Llargués is a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of Pure Breed horses, nationally and internationally, on the other hand it is a dream come true thanks to the work, effort, perseverance and dedication of the person who directs it in this last generation .

Don Pedro Llargués, a man who descends from a family of ranchers with more than a century of tradition and experience in the field of buying, selling and exporting horses. Dedicating almost totally to the Purebred Spanish in recent years, whether they are bred in its facilities or acquired in the different herds of P.R.E. that there is today. During all these years he has managed to sell in all corners of the world

After several years of work, complete dedication, effort and eagerness that we have dedicated to the sale of Spanish horses, it has led us to acquire an experience and a journey in this sector that endorses us as intermediaries at a national and international level, which allows us to provide the best benefits and after-sales service to our customers. All this done with the greatest passion and professionalism that this experience has provided us.

Our work is defined by the results obtained, which throughout our entire trajectory have taught us and led us to work with a good product, trying to give our clients the best value for money and subsequent after-sales service, our extensive portfolio of clients and the continued work with them support us in this regard.