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Informative Note

Hello, my name is Pere Llargues Roca, owner and sole administrator of Caballos Llargues SL and Yeguada la Aldara SL for many years.

Since January 1, 2020, we have moved our activity to new and improved facilities at the Finca Can Maiol in Santa Perpetua, very close to our previous location, in order to continue offering the best service .

As always, the horses bought and sold by Pere Llargues Roca have the guarantee that has endorsed us for many years. ( Tf: 0034670700888).

I want to emphasize that there is another company operating in the horse market that includes the term “Llargués” in its corporate name, with which we do not have any kind of link or relationship. Therefore, any operation that is not closed with Caballos Llargues SL and Yeguada la Aldara SL will not have the guarantee that we offer to our clients.


Llargués Horses Finca La Aldara Carmona – Seville

Caballos Llargués is a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of Purebred horses, nationally and internationally, on the other hand it is a dream come true thanks to the work, effort, perseverance and dedication of the person who directs it in this last generation. Our work is defined by the results obtained, which throughout our history has taught us and led us to work with a good product, trying to give our customers the best value for money and post



As every year the Great equestrian event is celebrated in the south of France, ‘Cheval Passion 2024 As every year CABALLOS LLARGUES S.L will be

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